Ceiling / Wall Finishing Plate 30 – 45 degrees for Twin Wall Insulated Flue Pipe- 6 inch – 150mm Convesa

Plate comes in 2 parts and is elliptical to allow it to fit around angled flue pipe. Suitable for 30 – 45 degrees

Hole Diameter 205mm maximum diameter.

HETAS Certified – CE Approved

Colour: Stainless Steel

Please note that we sell all types of flue pipe and fittings. We also offer a free chimney and flue pipe design and quotation service.. Not sure what you need.. Call 0161 439 1400.  Ceiling or Wall Finishing Plate 30 -45 degrees

For use on the underside of any pitched ceiling or on a wall where the flue is passing at 30-45 degrees. The plate is elliptical.

KC is HETAS Approved and is CE marked.

Designation Number 
EN1856-1 T600 N1 D V2 L50040 G60.

KC Twin Wall Insulated Chimney parts are secured together by using a Locking Band.

Make sure that you keep a distance of 60mm from the outside of the flue to any combustible material (wood, plaster board).

You should make provision for inspecting and cleaning the chimney. This is particularly important on solid fuel applications.

You can achieve this by installing a black pipe with an access door.
It is recommended that chimneys serving solid fuel appliances be swept and maintained as frequently as necessary but at least once a year.