101-S 12Kw Wood & Multi-fuel Inset Stove  (Can also be installed free-standing… see pictures)

Eco Design 2022 Compliant

The Panadero 101-s inset stove is designed to by inset in to a chimney breast or wall, and offers a flush to the wall styling and appearance. The 101-s offers a maximum heat output of 12kw, with a nominal heat output of 9kw.

Finished in matt black the 101-s offers contemporary styling with its wide ceramic glass window and flush fitting controls and door handle. The ultra wide glass windows will provide a superb view of the fire within and make an attractive feature to any contemporary living space.

The 101-s features dual burn technology where the gasses are re-circulated through the fire to maximise the efficiency and heat output. An advanced air wash system which circulates air over the large ceramic glass window to keep it clean and ensure a clear, warming view of the flames. The firebox is fully lined with Vermiculite to optimise the life of the appliance and to reflect the heat out in to the living space.

The 101-s is A+ rated and offers an extremely high efficiency rating of 81%. It also offers the facility to connect to a direct air supply and is Eco design 2022 compliant. Stoves that are Eco Design 2022 Compliant burn approximately 6 times less fuel than non compliant stoves.

The 101-s is hand built in Spain by the aware winning manufacturer Panadero, from high quality, high grade steel, which means that unlike cast iron equivalents, the 101-s won’t crack or melt. The 101-s is a high quality appliance, finished to the highest of standards that can not be compared to cheap Chinese alternatives.

Inset stoves are very effective in heating the fabric of a building due to the fact that they are designed to be inset in to the brick work / wall. The result is that the heat from the stove heats the walls and floors of the property as well as the air space.

Other features include a large separate ash pan tray, which makes for easy maintenance and cleaning and a multi-fuel fire grate to allow burning of solid fuel and wood.

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In accordance with all the stoves that we offer, the 101-s carries a 2 year warranty and is CE Marked to EN13240 (latest standard) and manufactured to ISO 9001 Quality Standard… please do not confuse this fire with other cheaper alternatives, it’s build quality and finish compares to other inset fires / stoves that are in excess of £1000. We are often asked how we can offer our stoves and fires at such competitive prices?..We buy direct from the manufacturers, so there is no distributor middle man, we buy in bulk, which reduces the cost price, we handle our logistics to further reduce the “landed” cost of each stove, and we are an e-commerce company with low overheads..the result..You save money on your stove. Our low prices do not reflect low quality, Guaranteed…or your money back!

Price Includes FREE delivery to most areas of the UK Some areas attract a small delivery charge, please click here to check delivery to your area.  Specifications:- 

    • Maximum Space Heat Output: 12kw
    • Nominal Heating Output: 9kw
    • Overall Dimensions: W1120mm / D470mm / H510mm when installed (635mm total height)
    • Weight: 105kg
    • Colour: Charcoal Black
    • Flue Diameter: 150mm (Requires a Euro Adapter £26.00 please see flue and accessories page on our website)
    • Features:- Large Ceramic Glass Window, Airwash, Dual Burn Combustion, External Air Intake, Eco design 2022 Compliant, Direct Air Supply, Ash Pan, Multi-Fuel Fire Grate
    • Flue Outlet: Top only – requires a euro adapter
    • Efficiency: 81% A+ Rated
    • Fuel: Wood – Timber – Briquettes – Coal etc etc
    • Warranty: 2 years