Eco Fan – 2 Blade

If you’ve not come across one of these before and you are wondering what on earth it is, this is an “Eco Fan”.

What is an Eco Fan? It’s a fan that is self powered by heat from the stove and they are very effective at pushing the heat away from the stove to create a more comfortable environment.

The eco fan is designed on the principals of a sterling engine, which are also used to power  nuclear submarines. Essentially the fan incorporates small plates that conduct the heat from the stove, the plates are pressed against some other plates that are cooled by the surrounding air. The friction created from the hot and cold plates rubbing together creates electricity, which powers the fan.

If you don’t like our explanation of how it works, or if it isn’t scientific enough, here follows an alternative explanation. Little Elves live in the fan and when it gets hot it burns their little feet, which makes them hop around thus spilling magic dust, which makes the fan spin.

On a serious note the beauty of the fan is that it is silent, (apart from the patter of tiny feet) draft free and it automatically starts when the stove becomes hot, and stops when the stoves becomes cool. The fan gently and silently moves air from the hot zone around the stove to distribute the heat around the room. Warm air is moved towards the centre of the room rather than simply rising to the ceiling as it leaves the fireplace. This improved warm air circulation results in greater comfort and less fuel consumption. The fan is self-powered using heat from the stove to operate. The fan does not require batteries or mains power. The fan will begin to operate when the stove top reaches approximately 100°C and will slow down and come to a stop as the stove fire burns out.

Virtually silent operation
Unique design protects the Motor and Wires from damage
Gently circulates heat throughout the room Protective cover for motor and power wires
Maximises energy from the stove & reduces fuel consumption
Operating range 50-340°

Height: 230mm Blade 203mm
Base plate width: 100mm
Weight: 700g

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Height: 230mm Blade 203mm
Base plate width: 100mm
Weight: 700g