Standard Number BS EN 13240:2001+A2:2004
Title Roomheaters fired by solid fuel. Requirements and test methods
Status Current, Superseded, Work in hand
Publication Date 05 September 2001
Cross References EN 1561:1997EN 1563:1997EN 10025:1993EN 10027-2:1992EN 10028-2:1992EN 10029:1991EN 10088-2:1995EN 10111:1998EN 10120:1996EN 50165ISO 7-1:1994ISO 7-2:2000ISO 228-1:2000ISO 228-2:1987ISO 331:1983ISO 334:1992ISO 351:1996ISO 501:1981ISO 562:1998ISO 609:1996ISO 687:1974ISO 1171:1997ISO 1928:1995ISO 2859EN ISO 9001ISO 9001:200089/106/EEC93/68/EEC1999/471/EC
Replaced By BS EN 16510-1:2018
Amended By AMD 16549
Corrigendum, July 2015; Corrigendum, April 2008
Descriptors Solid fuel heating, Design, Space-heating systems, Efficiency, Heating equipment, Marking, Equipment safety, Instructions for use, Safety measures, Heaters, Solid-fuelled devices, Emission, Performance, Performance testing
ICS 97.100.30
Title in French Poeles a combustible solide. Exigences et methodes d’essai
Title in German Raumheizer fuer feste Brennstoffe. Anforderungen und Pruefung
Committee RHE/28
ISBN 978 0 580 90309 0
Publisher BSI
Format A4
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Pages 80
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BS EN 13240:2001+A2:2004

Roomheaters fired by solid fuel. Requirements and test methods

Complete Document desribing the requirements and test methods for solid fuel heaters and stoves.

Status : Current, Superseded, Work in hand   Published : September 2001 Replaced By : BS EN 16510-1:2018

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