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Please view each listing that will state the guarantee of each product.

The warranty covers manufacturing faults only and cannot exceed the value / price of the item supplied / purchased.

The warranty does NOT cover the cost of removal or re- installation of a faulty stove / appliance The warranty does NOT cover loss of time or loss of earnings.
Prior to installation it is the responsibility of the customer to inspect the appliance for any signs of damage or product fault, this should include all moving / sliding parts. In the event that a fault is discovered we require that you advise us as soon as reasonably possible and before the item has been installed and used.
Should a manufacturing fault/defect become apparent, Modern Stoves will repair, replace or refund as appropriate.

Where a part becomes faulty and a replacement part is supplied by Modern Stoves, the customer is responsibility for the fitting / installation of the replacement part. The guarantee / warranty does not cover miss-use of a product / appliance. Using a stove as a furnace or over-firing a stove through mis-use or ignorance may lead to premature wear of internal parts and damage to the appliance.

The guarantee period becomes active from the date of delivery. For the stove to be covered under the guarantee it MUST be installed and signed off by a qualified HETAS engineer, or signed off by a building control officer. A stove / appliance should be inspected and serviced every 12 months, and the rope seals should be replaced when worn.

The warranty covers the stove body, stove door and handle.

The following parts within a stove are not covered under the terms of the warranty as they are classed as consumable items. Essentially they will wear out through use of the appliance. The only exception to this is where they are discovered to have been received broken and where you signed for the stove as “un-checked”.

  • Stove glass
  • Stove stove rope seal
  • Stove Fire Grates
  • Baffle / Throat plate
  • Firebox Liner
  • Ceramic Tiles or Blocks within the appliance

The above stated parts are available from Modern Stoves. 0161 439 1400