Please view each listing that will state the warranty of each product.

The warranty covers manufacturing faults only and cannot exceed the value / price of the item supplied / purchased.

The warranty does NOT cover the cost of removal or re-installation of any stove / appliance. The warranty does NOT cover loss of time or loss of earnings.

Modern Stoves make no assurances or guarantees as to the suitability of installing or using any appliance in your property. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to check that an appliance is suitable and we recommend that make your own checks prior to purchasing and installing the appliance. If you are in a smoke controlled zone, you may need to buy a Defra approved appliance, or burn “approved” fuels. The Defra web site contains a comprehensive listing of hundreds of UK suppliers of “approved” fuels.

Prior to installation it is the responsibility of the customer to inspect the appliance for any signs of damage or product fault, this should include all moving / sliding parts. In the event that an issue is discovered we require that you advise us as soon as reasonably possible and before the item has been installed and used.

Should a manufacturing fault, defect or issue become apparent, Modern Stoves will repair, replace or refund as appropriate.

Modern Stoves DO NOT employ on site engineers, therefore where a part becomes faulty and a replacement part is supplied by Modern Stoves, the customer is responsible for the fitting / installation of the replacement part. In the even that a product requires repair Modern Stoves will arrange the collection and return of the product / part, however the customer is required to package / pallet the item for it’s safe return to Modern Group. We may ask you to remove any fragile parts from the appliance / part prior to collection. The guarantee / warranty does not cover miss-use of a product / appliance. Using a stove as a furnace or over-firing a stove through mis-use or ignorance may lead to premature wear of internal parts and damage to the appliance and is likely to lead to flaking paint and the metal turning an burnt Orange colour and in the most extreme circumstances the metal can warp or bow.

Change of Specification:
Modern Stoves does not accept any responsibility for changes that a manufacturer makes to the specification of an appliance / product, both prior to purchase or after. The specification of an appliance / product maybe subject to change without notice. This includes changes to minimum distance to combustibles, temperature outputs, minor changes in efficiency ratings and minor changes to dimensional measurements. It is the responsibility of the customer to check that the appliance that is supplied can be installed safely where it will reside. The CE plate on the actual appliance that is supplied will provide the “nominal heat output” of the appliance and the minimum distance to combustibles for the appliance. In the case of a stove, the appliance has been CE tested in accordance with EN13240, which states that the appliance is suitable for intermittent use and should be allowed to rest and return to cold every 24 hours, unless otherwise sated that it is suitable for continuous burning. The manufacturer state the maximum fuel load in weight that can be burnt each hour. Failure to observe this may cause damage to the appliance that isn’t covered under the warranty

The guarantee period becomes active from the date of delivery. For the stove / pellet burner to be covered under the guarantee it MUST be installed and signed off by a qualified HETAS engineer, or signed off by a building control officer, otherwise the warranty will be void. NB. A pellet boiler is a specialist heating appliance and should be commissioned by a certified / accredited installer.

A stove / appliance should be inspected and serviced every 12 months, and the rope seals should be replaced when worn and moving parts such as the handle and hinges should be greased with Copper grease.

The warranty covers the stove body, stove door and handle. Modern Stoves will not accept any claims for the labour cost of fitting a replacement part unless it has been expressly agreed in writing prior to the work being carried out.

The following parts within a stove are not covered under the terms of the warranty as they are classed as consumable items. Essentially they will wear out through use of the appliance. The only exception to this is where they are discovered to have been received broken and where you signed for the stove as “un-checked”.

  • Stove glass
  • Stove stove rope seal on any part of the appliance
  • Stove Fire Grates
  • Baffle / Throat plate
  • Firebox Liner
  • Ceramic Tiles or Blocks within the appliance
  • Any issue that is caused through poor maintenance of the appliance
  • Damage to paint finish caused by moisture or impact.  The high salt air of coastal areas, or environments that have a high moisture level in the air can be corrosive to the high temperature paint finish. These conditions could cause rusting of the steel beneath the paint finish, which can cause the paint to flake. The warranty does not cover damage caused by a salt air, or a high humidity environment.

The above stated parts are available from Modern Stoves including the exact paint the stove in finished in, in a small aerosol can that is simply and easy to apply.

Please note that if you intend to store your appliance  for a long period of time prior to installation, (over 1 month), we recommend that you remove any outer packaging in order to avoid condensation forming on the metal of the appliance, which may cause damage to the paint finish. Damage caused by moisture is not covered under the terms of the warranty. The paint finish hardens and becomes durable after the first fire where it cures and and becomes hard.

Any damages must be reported by writing within a reasonable amount of time (48 Hours), from receipt of delivery. Modern Stoves will not be held responsible for the cost of any parts that you buy or source yourself from an alternative supplier in order to meet a shortfall or replace a damaged or faulty item.

Tel: 0161 439 1400 – Email: modernstoves@gmail.com

Flue Pipe

Modern Stoves will do their utmost to make an accurate estimate and calculation of the flue parts you may require, however since we don’t carry out site surveys, we will not accept any responsibility for any shortfalls, or over supply of parts. It is the responsibility of the HETAS qualified installer to ensure that sufficient parts are used to complete a safe installation that meets with building control regulations and HETAS rules. Any parts that are supplied, which become surplus to requirements can be returned (within 30 days), or you are welcome to purchase addition parts, if more are required to complete your installation. The buyer is responsible for any carriage charges incurred when buying, or returning any additional parts.

A stove, pellet burner, heating appliance, hot water cylinder, chimney system, flue parts and associated plumbing must only be installed by a competent installer as defined in the relevant building regulations. Failure to do so, may cause damage to product, damage to property, cause injury and invalidate the warranty. 

Any items or products returned after 14 days of delivery may incur a 15% restocking charge. All items must be returned in their original condition and packaging.