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Wood Burning Stoves Information

Wood Burning Stoves UK

Wood Burning Stoves or Multi-Fuel Stoves, as they are more commony known, are becoming more and more popular in the UK due to the rising costs of gas and electricity.
Fortunately Modern Stoves is one company that produces beautiful, durable wood burning stoves at trade discount prices. Compared to other companies, Modern Stoves sells a great range of wood burner and multi-fuel stoves that are not only very durable, but also have a modern and contemporary look and feel.

Benefits of Wood Burning / Multi-fuel Stoves

Wood burning stoves offer many amazing benefits. They look great, are much more affordable than common gas stoves and are much cheaper to run due to the high availability of logs. However, not all wood burning stoves are made equally, and buying a cheap wooden stove could be disastrous.

High Quality Wood Burning, Multi - Fuel Stoves as standard

The multi-fuel stoves are built using some of the finest log burner materials like high grade steel, which wood burner stoves benefit greatly from. All of the wood stoves we stock are manufactured specifically for Modern Stoves UK and nothing is sold to the consumer until great quality is guaranteed. managed to keep our prices so cheap, by buying directly from the manufacturer, investing time in shipping logistics, & buying heavily in bulk.
We are passionate about the benefits of wood burning stoves and making it easier for everyone to own one, especially as energy prices continue to rise.

Main types of Multi-Fuel Stoves we offer.

Modern Stoves offer different types of multi-fuel wood burning stoves online. Each comes with at least 2 years warranty as standard and all are built to stringent regulations and EU standards. The four main types we sell online are as follows:

Wood Burning Stoves
Unlike the typical cast iron stove, a wood burning stove made of steel will not crack. All of our stoves have an advanced air wash system that allows a clear view of the flames inside. They also include a firebox that is completely lined to give the stove a longer lifespan. This type of log burning stove is a great addition to any home.

Wood Burning Stoves with back boiler
If you love multi fuel stoves then this type of stove is the right one for you.This type of stove is very modern. It has a shelf that is top warming and great log storage below. This type of woodburning stove makes a great log burner and water heater for an alternative to your current central heating system.

Cooking Stove or Range Cooker
This type of multi-fuel oven or Range Cooker is equipped with primary and secondary air controls. This gives a user control of the heat output and burn rate. These

cooking stoves feature a ceramic glass window that is able to stay clear thanks to an modern air wash system. Made from high grade steel, this wood burning cooking stove is a quality and popular appliance to own.

Inset Stove
An Inset or Insert wood burning stove can be fitted into the recess of a wall inside your home. It is a multi-fuel wood burning stove that works extremely well in large homes. Unlike other stoves; the inset warms the inner fabric of the walls while also heating the air space.

Wood Burning Stove Guarantee

Every stove has a two year parts warranty and a carries a 7 day money back gaurantee. So if you aren’t 100% satisfied with saving money, impressing your friends, and going green, you can recoup your investment and receive a 100% refund from us.
Modern Stoves also offer a free delivery service throughout most of the UK.  Click here to see our range of Wood Burning Stoves