The Condor 12kw Multi-Fuel Range Cooker Oven

Eco Design 2022 Compliant

The Condor offers a maximum heating output of 12kw, with a nominal output of 9kw and an efficiency rating of over 76% making the Condor one of the most efficient solid fuel appliances in its class.

Two front doors, both with ceramic glass windows, provide access to the firebox and the large oven. The Condor incorporates primary and secondary air controls in order to manage both the burning rate and the temperature, in addition there is an oven temperature control to allow optimum control of the oven when cooking.

A twin wall convection system (air wash) draws air in through the bottom, which then passes around the combustion chamber to maintain  efficient heating, this also ensures clean burning and keeps the ceramic glass firebox window clean. The combustion chamber is fully lined with firebricks to prolong the life and increase the heating efficiency.

The Condor is Eco Design 2022 Compliant, in recent tests stoves that are Eco Design 2022 Compliant burnt 6 times less fuel than traditional non compliant stoves.

The oven incorporates a middle shelf and the glass door has a thermometer temperature gauge. Further features of the Condor include a very large removable ash pan for ease of cleaning and maintenance and a multi-fuel fire grate to facilitate burning wood and solid fuel.

In accordance with all the stoves that we offer, the Condor carries a 2 year warranty and the following quality standards:

CE Marked to EN13240 (latest standard) and manufactured to ISO 9001 Quality Standard… please do not confuse this stove with other cheaper alternatives, it’s build quality and finish compares to other stoves that are in excess of £1200. We are often asked how we can offer our stoves at such competitive prices?..We buy direct from the manufacturers, so there is no distributor middle man, we buy in bulk, which reduces the cost price, we handle our logistics to further reduce the “landed” cost of each stove, and we are an e-commerce company with low overheads..the result..You save money on your stove. Our low prices do not reflect low quality, or your money back..Guaranteed!

The condor range cooker is also available with a back boiler, there are two different types:-

To view the condor back boiler for an open, vented heating system please click here.

To view the condor back boiler for a closed, pressurised heating system please click here.

Price Includes FREE delivery to most UK postcodes (Next Day delivery service from date of dispatch) Some areas attract a small delivery charge, please click here to check delivery to your area.


Some Customer Reviews:

Hi, really impressed with the Condor, well designed, well built with quality welding and stays on the boiler . Whoever makes these knows exactly what they are doing, all in all a quality product. Mr Guest .

Thank you, it’s not often these days that you get something that is better than you expected, as you said it is a substantial stove cooker, saved a fortune it’s just a pity we didn’t get one sooner, very pleased. Mrs Beasley – Northampton.

Fantastic stove, not made of thin tin, (I did have my concerns!), looks great in the kitchen and heats the house a treat, looking forward to lower oil bills from now on. Mr Taylor – Bolton Lancs.

Delighted with the prompt delivery of the Condor, got it installed at the weekend and cooked our first meal in it. I’d even go so far as to say that the wifes cooking tasted even better. Thanks for all your help and a great product. Mr Fox – Chester.

Hi, the oven is fab, looks even better in my kitchen than it did in the photo’s, nearly had a roasted cat the other day when she jumped up on to the top of the cooker whilst it was lit, she won’t be doing that again. Thanks for all your help. Margaret – Lanarkshire.  Specification

Maximum Heating Output: 12kw

Nominal Heating Output: 9kw

Dimensions: W900mm / D670mm / H855mm

Internal dimensions the oven:

  • 14″ wide 350mm
  • 16.5″ deep 420mm
  • 11″ high 280mm
  • shelf from bottom 85mm

Internal dimensions of the firebox

  • 11″inches wide 280mm  (10 inch door width)
  • 11″ high 280mm
  • 18″ depth 460mm


  • Weight: 200kg
  • Colour: Dark Grey (Charcoal)
  • Flue Diameter: 150mm
  • Features:- Eco Design 2022 Compliant, Ceramic Glass Doors, Primary and Secondry Air Control Vents, Large Oven, Large Firebox, Air Wash System, Ash Pan / Tray, Fully Brick Lined Combustion Chamber, Twin Wall Oven, , Oven Shelf, Oven Thermometer Temp Gauge, Lower Storage Compartment, Large Surface Hot Plate, Chrome Towel Rail
  • Flue Outlet: Top
  • Fuel: Multi – Fuel
  • Efficiency: 76.58%
  • 2 years Warranty
  • Note: 40cm clearance to combustible materials is required around the sides and rear.