Glass Hearth – Tear Drop shape 12mm Toughened Glass. 1100 x 1100mm

Clear glass hearth made from 12mm toughened glass with polished edges, that is strong and virtually unbreakable. Ideally suited where a solid non combustible hearth is required, it can be used to create an almost instant non flammable base / hearth for your wood burning stove / wood burner.

Glass hearths are particularly attractive where you have an existing decorative floor finish such as oak / laminate floor, or tiles that you don’t want to cover up or risk damaging. Modern Stoves glass hearths provide a quick and convenient way of ensuring that your current floor finish remains on show whilst protected and ensures that you meet with building control law.

We also sell a range of other hearth shapes and sizes: Corner Shape, Arch Shape, Square Shape

Building control sates that you must use a non flammable base / hearth with a wood burning stove and that if the base of the stove does not reach 100 degree then a 12mm base can be used. Most CE approved stoves are designed so that the base will not reach above 100 degrees. 

Please note that building control regulations state that the following clearances of hearth surface are provided around the stove when it is in position :- 225mm in front of the stove when its in position and 150mm to each side of stove when it is in position. We recommend that once you have laid the glass hearth in position that you seal the edges with a bead of clear silicone to prevent debris and dirt from becoming trapped between the underlying floor surface and the glass.

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Tear Drop Size Length 1100mm – Width 1100mm, 

Thickness 12mm, Polished Edges, CE Approved