3 Metres of 12mm HIGH QUALITY Stove Rope & Stove Glue / Hi Temperature Adhesive 

Advanced Formula all in one handy pack. Is your wood burning stove burning too rapidly?? The chances are that the stove rope seal on the door has stopped making a seal. This all-in-one kit provides you with 3 metres high quality stove rope and the Adhesive required to glue the stove rope to the door.

The Adhesive is an advanced formula that has been designed to work at high temperatures. Comes in an easy to use 30ml plastic bottle with an easy application nozzle.

The kit does exactly what it says on the tin… Stove Rope 12mm and adhesive for a quick fix! The advanced formula is sticky and thick enough to glue the rope directly on to the door without having to remove the door and lay it down flat. If you have used one of the less sticky types of glue you will know that it is difficult to get the rope to actually stick to the door before you close the door to keep the rope in place…very frustrating!

We have sold thousands of these kits to many happy customers. No mess..No fuss .. Does exactly what it says on the bottle!

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