Henley Avon 5kw – Defra Approved Wood Burning Stove

Eco 2022 Design Compliant, DEFRA Certified, Optional Direct Air Supply Connection

The Avon 5kw stove is a wood burning stove that offers a a nominal output of 5kw and a maximum output of approximately 8kw, with an efficiency rating of 78% meaning that most of the heat comes into the room.

This stylish stove is DEFRA approved and Eco Design 2022 Compliant, in recent testing, stoves that are Eco Design 2022 Compliant consumed 6 times less fuel than non compliant stoves… the result is that the savings on fuel consumption are significant. The Avon offers the option of a rear or top 5 inch flue exit, and the option to connect the stove directly to outside for the air feed if installed in an air tight property. In the event that the stove is being installed in a non air tight property, then due to the fact that it has a nominal output of 5kw no air vent is required in the room and the facility to connect the stove to a direct air supply is optional. 

The firebox is fully lined to prolong the life of the stove and to reflect the heat out from the firebox to maximise the heating efficiency. Other features include air control, which provides complete control over the heat out put and burn rate, a large ceramic glass window to provide a warming view of the flames within, a fully lined fire box to optimise the life of the stove, and an advanced air wash system, to ensure that the glass window stays clean and provides a clear view of the flames within.

In accordance with all the stoves that we offer, the Avon carries a 2 year warranty and is CE Marked to EN13240 (latest standard) and manufactured to ISO 9001 Quality Standard… please do not confuse this stove with other cheaper alternatives, it’s build quality and finish compares to other stoves that are considerably more expensive. We are often asked how we can offer our stoves at such competitive prices?..We buy direct from the manufacturers, so there is no distributor middle man, we buy in bulk, which reduces the cost price, we handle our logistics to further reduce the “landed” cost of each stove, and we are an e-commerce company with low overheads..the result..You save money on your stove. Our low prices do not reflect low quality! GUARANTEED!

5 Year Warranty
1 Year standard manufacturers warranty as in accordance with EU regulations. 2 Year standard Henley warranty, 2 years extended warranty will be added if the stove warranty is registered online within the first 3 months of purchase of your new Henley room heater stove.

Defra Exempt
DEFRA exempt and has been fully tested to this standard. A DEFRA exempt stove can be used in a Smoke Control Area whereas a non-DEFRA stove cannot.
External Air
The stove has an external air facility allowing the air to come directly from outside your building rather than through a vent in the room. This is required for heat recovery systems in new build projects.
Clean Burn
This advanced unit features a territory air system, which creates a clean-burn system where hot air is pushed into the firebox above the normal height of the fire. This allows the excess gases to combust given a cleaner burn
All Henley stoves come with an air wash system which helps to keep the glass clean. It uses a specially placed vent or vents to draw in air from the outside which will wash over the front of the glass.

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  • Nominal Heat Output: 4.9Kw 
  • Maximum Heating Output: 7-8kw
  • Dimensions: W550mm / D335mm / H623mm
  • Weight: 90kg
  • Colour: BLACK
  • Flue Diameter: 5 inch (127mm) 
  • Features:- Eco Design 2022 Compliant, Large Ceramic Glass Window, Air Control, Defra Certified, Advanced Air wash
  • Flue Outlet: Top or Rear Chimney Outlet – 5 Inch 125mm
  • Fuel: Wood
  • Efficiency: 78%
  • 2 Year standard Henley warranty, 2 years extended warranty will be added if the stove warranty is registered Online within the first 3 months of purchase
  • Suitable for a 12mm non construction hearth