Rigid fixed 750mm pipe – effective installed length of 695mm.

Diameter: 6 inches – 150mm

Thickness: 1.2mm

CE Approved

Colour: Matt Black


Designed for versatile use, VIT-Smooth is suitable for gas, oil, and solid fuel appliances with temperatures up to 600°. It serves as a connecting pipe between your appliance and Flue Liner / Chimney Stack / Twin Wall Flue System. However, it’s crucial to note that VIT-Smooth should NOT be used to pass through ceilings or combustible walls.


Crafted from zero carbon steel with a Powder vitreous enamel coating in a matt black finish, VIT-Smooth is a single skin connecting flue system that meets high standards. It is suitable for gas, oil, and solid fuel appliances with temperatures up to 600°.


Exercise caution during installation, maintaining a minimum distance of 375mm from combustible materials. Ensure proper orientation, with the smaller diameter pointing downward to retain condensates within the flue system. VIT-Smooth’s friction fit joints eliminate the need for sealing, but for added security, consider coating joints with a jointing compound. High-temperature paint should cover any exposed steel to prevent rust over time. Appropriate PPE is essential during installation.


Provision for inspecting and cleaning the chimney is vital, especially for solid fuel applications. Install VIT-Smooth with access doors at changes of direction for easy maintenance. Regular chimney sweeping and maintenance, at least once a year, are recommended for optimal performance and safety.


SKU 67-150-014
Item 750mm Length – Ø 150mm
Material: Zero Carbon Steel
Steel Thickness: 1.2mm
Coating: Powder Enamel
Coating Thickness: 0.2mm
Colour: Black
Approval: EN1856-2 T600 N1 Vm L80120 G450
Distance to combustible: 450mm
Diameter: 150mm