Biomass Pellet Burner with integrated Back Boiler for Central Heating & Hot Water – Suitable for Vented or un-Vented heating system. (Maximum operation water pressure 1.5bar)

The Vittoria Biomass Pellet burner offers highly efficient room and water heating as well as being stylish in it appearance. It offer offers a maximum output of 21kw with an outstanding efficiency rating of over 92%.

Bio Mass Pellet burners offer a credible alternative to conventional fossil fuel powered heating appliances. The Vittoria pellet burner will automatically ignite / fire and operate in accordance with timed settings that are pre set through the touch screen control panel.

As well as providing room heating in the location where the appliance is positioned, the Vittoria is designed to heat water for central heating and domestic hot water. The pellet stove burns wood pellets, which are made from sustainable grown, raw material with an excellent ecological balance. The pellets are designed to  release the minimum of harmful emissions and are also cheaper and more efficient than conventional fossil fuels.

The Vittoria is designed to offer fully automated operation and incorporates a fully programmable control system to offer a daily, or weekly program, which can include up to three ignitions and three shutdowns for each day of the week. In addition the Vittoria offers 3 different heat output settings to allow all year round use i.e. Maximum Output, Nominal Output and Reduced Output. The maximum output offers 19kw to water heating and 4kw to room heating, the nominal output offers 16.11kw to water heating and 2.16kw to room heating, whilst the reduced output offers 3.93kw to water heating and 1.16kw to room heating.

The Vittoria incorporates an automatic pellet feed mechanism that feeds pellets from the internal 26 litre pellet store to ensure that the appliance can operate continuously for up to 24 hours, before the fuel will require replenishing. Automatic electric ignition means that the lighting and burning is fully automated and a built in digital display and push button controls, via a digital control panel, provides simple and optimum control over the burn rate and water temperature.

Although pellet burners are a relatively new concept in the UK, they are widely used and considerably more common throughout our European neighboring countries, in particular Germany and Italy. We have sold a considerable number of this model of Pellet Burner over the last 3-4 years, and the use of pellet burners as a cost effective and convenient alternative to fossil fuel heating is growing.

The Vittoria has been designed to make it simple to incorporate in to an existing heating system, or in conjunction with a new heating system. In principle the Vittoria can be installed in to any type of plumbing system to provide highly efficient heating and in contrast to conventional oil or gas fueled appliances, a pellet stove has many advantages:

Heat Efficiency: A water heating pellet stove heats up a room within a very short time and requires little energy.
Economy: The low consumption of wood pellets means low cost operation and significant savings over conventional fuel prices.
Environmentally friendly: The wood pellets used consist of a renewable raw material with excellent an environmentally sustainable ecological balance
Modernity: In contrast to conventional radiators, pellet ovens are a water-bearing sight for the room
Attractive Design: The Vittoria has been designed so that it can be installed in to any type of space to make an attractive feature in the room.

The water connections which are located to the rear of the appliance consist of 1 x flow and 1 x return male 3/4″ BSP connections.  A 50mm direct air supply feed means that the appliance can be piped to outside where the installation is in an air tight environment. A built in 8 litre safety expansion vessel, 3 bar blow off valve and integrated circulation pump are also built in features of this high efficiency, high quality pellet burner.

In accordance with all the stoves that we offer, the Vittoria carries a 2 year warranty and is CE Marked to EN13240 (latest standard) and manufactured to ISO 9001 Quality Standard… please do not confuse this stove with other cheaper alternatives, it’s build quality and finish compares to other stoves that are in excess of £2500. We are often asked how we can offer our stoves at such competitive prices?..We buy direct from the manufacturers, so there is no distributor middle man, we buy in bulk, which reduces the cost price, we handle our logistics to further reduce the “landed” cost of each stove, and we are an e-commerce company with low overheads..the result..You save money on your stove. Our low prices do not reflect low quality or sub standard service…Guaranteed..!

Stock Availability: We aim to hold good stock of all items, however we would always recommend that you contact us to check stock availability prior purchasing

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    •   3 Heat Output Settings:
    •   Maximum Water Heat Output: 19kw / Space Heating Output: 4kw 
    •   Nominal Water Heating Output: 16.11kw /Space Heating Output: 2.1kw 
    •   Reduced Water Heating Output: 3.93kw /Space Heating Output: 1.16kw
    •   Programmable Daily and Weekly Timer / Clock via Digital Display Panel
    •    Three Ignitions and Three Shutdowns for Each Day of the Week
      ·  Dimensions: W625mm / D640mm / H1214mm 
         Combustion Chamber Dimensions: Height 356mm x Width 300mm x Depth 165mm 
         Power Supply: 240v  
      · Weight: 255kg NB. This is a very heavy item, doorstep delivery only.
      · Colour: Dark Grey and Red
      · Flue Diameter: 80mm 
      · Features:- Eco Design 2022 Certified, Touch Screen Control Panel, Large Ceramic Glass Window – Air wash – Clean Burning – Large removable Ash Container, Large 26 litre pellet store, Reserve pellet store, Back Boiler Suitable for Pressurised heating systems – Vented or Un-vented, Digital Display Panel, Integrated Circulation Pump and Safety Expansion Vessel,  50mm Direct Air Supply Connection, Auto Cut off at 90 degree water temperature
      · Flue Outlet: Rear – 80mm Diameter
      2 x 3/4 inch BSP male Water Connection Ports – Flow and Return, and integrated 3 bar pressure release valve 
      · Efficiency: 92.1% – A+ Rated
      · Fuel: Biomass Pellets
      · Warranty: 2 years (NB The ignitor carries a 6 months warranty, replacements are £39)